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I’m honoured if Coldplay copied my music video: Abullah Qureshi

After the speculations arose about the two music videos, Abdullah qureshi  said that he feels honoured if Coldplay copied his music video and got inspired by his work. He further added that he himself is a great fan of the band and  if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s the production house – named Aardman Animations – that made the video, unless it was Coldplay’s own idea. 

Coldplay’s video for ‘Daddy’ shows stark resemblance with Abdullah Qureshi’s ‘Laapata’

Coldplay’s animated video for the song ‘Daddy’ shows resemblance with one of Abdullah Qureshi’s songs’ video. Qureshi’s song Laapata came out in June 2019 while the song Daddy came out in November 2019. Storyline of both the songs shows a young girl looking for her father throughout the song, following which she ends up discovering herself while finding her father as well. 

Coldplay pays tribute to the late Amjad Sabri on their new album

Latest album by Coldplay, Everyday Life features the late and great qawwal Amjad Sabri. In an interview, frontman Chris Martin described ‘Church’,’ the second song on the album features two other singers.  There’s this guy who was a Pakistani singer, called Amjad Sabri who was sadly murdered and then there’s their friend Norah, a guy from Jerusalem.