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Pakistani footballer from Chitral, Karishma Ali, continues to inspire girls around the world

Karishma Ali, the first-ever girl from Chitral to play football on the national as well as international level, has been making the country proud with her unwavering efforts to provide equal opportunities for women in her region. The 21-year-old, Karishma, even made it to the prestigious Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list and is the founder of the Chitral Women’s Sports Club. 

International football star from Portugal writes a heartfelt Instagram note for footballer Karishma Ali

Fatima Pinto, international football star from Portugal, wrote a heartfelt post on Instagram for Pakistan’s first female footballer from Chitral, Karishma Ali. Pinto, in her post highlights the struggle Karishma and girls in Chitral had to go through in order to practice the sport, mentioning that some had to walk 4 hours just to reach the first day of camp.

Chitral stole the show at this year’s Milan Fashion week

Not only did Pakistani models walk the ramp at this year’s Milan Fashion week, but culture of Chitral stole the show. In an effort to raise awareness about the Kalash and to provide their community with income, designer Stella Jean collaborated with Chitral Women’s Handicrafts Center, founded by 22-year-old Karishma Ali. For weeks, 46 women in the center embroidered more than 4,000 meters of material for her.

Royal couple visits Chitral to address issue of climate change

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and Kate Middleton – have arrived in Chitral to address issue of climate change in the country. The royal couple will visit the scenic valley and its surrounding Hindu Kush mountain range during remaining two days of their five-day visit to Pakistan. The royals are also expected to meet locals.