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UK PM Boris Johnson manages to win the vote of confidence against him 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson managed to win the vote of confidence against him but the rebellion of the 148 of his conservative party members has weakened his position. At least 180 conservative lawmakers were needed to vote against Boris for him to be removed. Boris has secured the support of only 59% of the conservative lawmakers.

UK Prime Minister recovered from virus but criticised

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recovered from coronavirus but faced criticism for being “missing in action” at the beginning of the outbreak. Johnson spent three days in intensive care after contracting the virus, but was released from hospital a week ago. The leader was accused of being “missing in action” by Labour shadow health minister Jonathan Ashworth following a Sunday Times newspaper report. 

UK PM Johnson in intensive care with worsening coronavirus symptoms

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was fighting worsening coronavirus symptoms in an intensive care unit on Tuesday. Johnson, 55, was admitted to the the St Thomas’ Hospital after suffering persistent coronavirus symptoms, his condition rapidly deteriorated over the next 24 hours, and he was moved to an intensive care unit. Johnson’s personal battle with the virus has shaken the British government. 

UK Prime Minister tests positive for Coronavirus

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), has tested positive for coronavirus. According to an official statement, he has mild symptoms and will continue to lead the government while he’s self-isolated. Boris informed about his condition in a tweet earlier today, adding that he has gone into self-isolation. The premier will continue to lead the government’s efforts to control the spread of the deadly virus virtually.

Boris Johnson on course of historic win in U.K general election

Boris Johnson is on course for a historical victory in the U.K. election, winning a string of seats from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party in its traditional heartlands. BBC’s exit poll showed the Prime Minister’s Conservative Party would win 368 seats in Parliament, with a large majority of approximately 86, and a mandate to fulfil its campaign pledge of “Getting Brexit Done.”

Pakistani-origin Sajid Javid appointed UK finance minister

Sajid Javid, son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver, has been named the new finance minister by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Former interior minister Sajid Javid took over from Philip Hammond as finance minister in his first cabinet appointment. Javid was a contender for premiership but endorsed Johnson when he failed to get enough support from fellow Conservative MPs.