Sheikh Rasheed denies kidnapping of Envoy’s daughter, citing RAW agenda

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said on Sunday that the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan had not been kidnapped. He said she merely disappeared without saying anything to anyone. He also referred to this as an organized criminal plot by the Indian spy agency RAW. This is all part of RAW’s global conspiracy against Pakistan, he said.

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The picture of the girl circulating on social media has nothing to do with the envoy’s daughter. It is someone else being portrayed as her. The envoy’s daughter Silsila Alikhil went to Khadda Market for shopping after which she took a taxi but did not return home.

Silsila Alikhil initially claimed that her phone had been taken by alleged abductors. However, she later handed over her phone to authorities, with all the data deleted. The girl went to Daman e Koh from Islamabad’s F7, then went to a park in F9. Moreover, the minister explained that all this time she used the internet on her phone.

Source: Ary News