Shahi announces total removal of ‘chalia’ to fight illegal imports

Shahi, one of Pakistan’s best selling mouth freshner brands, has decided to completely remove betel nut (chalia) from its Supari products, owing to illegal imports of the ingredient. The brand however, announced that it will not compromise on taste and quality. The company states that the reason behind this is the costs involved in participating in legal battles.

Making use of several noteworthy celebrities, Shahi came out with a campaign to fight illegal imports of Chalia. According to the brand, illegal channels of Areca nut imports have been operating in Pakistan since December 2017. During this period, Rs150 billion worth of betel nuts have been smuggled into the country, resulting in a loss of approximately Rs44 billion in revenue through duties and taxes.

While the courts have issued clarifications on the matter, facilitators of illegal imports continue to reap benefit out of this channel. This is why the brand states that it might reconsider use of Supari in its products only when legal imports of the ingredients are made possible.

Source: Dawn