Shah Hussain, main suspect in Khadija Siddiqui’s case, released from jail

Shah Hussain was released from jail after serving 3.5 years of his 5-year sentence for the Khadija stabbing case. Hussain was convicted in 2017 under section 324 of the Penal Code of nine years’ imprisonment for attempting to murder his classmate Khadija Siddiqui. However, a session court later reduced his prison term by two years.

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The incident occurred May 3, 2016, when Shah Hussain stabbed Khadija 23 times. This happened near Shimla Hills in Lahore, where she went to pick up her sister from school with her driver.¬†Moreover, Hussain’s lawyer, Maqsood Buttar, stated that there were no undue favors from the government in Hussain’s release. Hussain, like any other prisoner, was entitled to remissions under the law and prison rules.

Source: Dawn