Rihanna under fierce criticism for using Islamic hadith in lingerie show

Rihanna has come under fierce criticism after lingerie models at her latest fashion show danced to a song which appeared to remix an Islamic hadith.  In the show, Savage X Fenty Volume, models can be seen dancing  to a song called “Doom” which remixes audio that includes a Hadith which is about the signs of the Judgment Day and the end of times.

Composed by a London-based producer Coucou Chloe, the controversial track appears to have remixed a recitation by Kuwaiti preacher Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy. The show which aired on Amazon Prime has since outraged viewers in all parts of the world. 

Muslims and non-Muslims alike took to social media to criticise Rihanna, accusing her of disrespecting Islam by using the sacred text in a sexualised context. Some have noted that Rihanna has used “Doom”, which appears to draw on the theme of judgement day in the hadith segment, in another fashion show three years ago.

Now, after a weekend of criticism on social media, Coucou Chloe issued a statement on her Twitter on Monday, apologizing for the use of the samples and announcing that the song would be removed from all streaming platforms.

Rihanna and Savage X Fenty did not respond to requests for comment on the show.

Source: Middle East Eye