Raees Khan Inqilabi finds routes leading to 54 out of 72 lakes

Raees Khan Inqilabi, a resident of the Neelam Valley of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has made finding the routes to the 54 lakes in the valley easier for tourists. Raees Khan, also known as Sadpara of Neelam Valley, has done a lot to help the tourism industry in the Neelam Valley prosper. The team discovered inaccessible lakes in the mountainous region.

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Raees Khan Inqilabi is determined to show tourists the beauty of nature in Neelam Valley, which has 72 lakes according to the world map. Also, he is on a mission to uncover the 72 lakes that lie hidden in this valley. He has also climbed Hari Parbat, which is more than 18, 000 feet above sea level, with his team.

Source: 24News