Pop star Cher set to visit Pakistan to see Kaavan off

Renowned pop star and animal rights activist Cher will be visiting Pakistan later this week to see off Kaavan the elephant, who is set to be relocated to Cambodia. After years of campaigning by animal rights advocates and Cher to rescue him from grim conditions with no companion, Kaavan is to be airlifted to an elephant sanctuary on Sunday.

He was serenaded by officials and well-wishers who gathered at Islamabad Zoo on Monday for a farewell party for him.

Cher’s due to arrive in Islamabad later in the week to finally meet the elephant she had worked for years to rescue and see him off.

Cher first became aware of Kavaan’s plight when pictures of the elephant in chains with only a dilapidated shed for shelter and a small, dirty pond to play in spread on social media back in 2016.

Source: ARY News