PEMRA slaps a fine of Rs500,000 on Ahsan Khan’s show for using animals as props

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has imposed a Rs500,000 fine on Express Entertainment for the use of animals as props on Time Out with Ahsan Khan. Pemra noted that the show’s use of animals as props is a violation of its policies. In the show, Khan uses the rabbits as props in one segment and places them on lap of his guests.

The contestant celebrities often yell at the rabbit, or they move away from it, causing it harm either way.

Watching such behavior with the animals, a petition was filed by lawyer Faizullah Khan Niazi on behalf of Santia Gulzar against the TV channel for its violations and animal abuse. “Subjugating animals to such uncalled for treatment is clearly prohibited under Article 4 and Article 9 of the Constitution of Pakistan,” said PEMRA’s order. It said that the animals were caused “unnecessary pain and suffering”.

Source: Dawn