Pakistan’s oldest person to get vaccinated in Karachi has lived through two pandemics

A 100-year-old Pakistani, who received a coronavirus jab earlier this month, has lived through two pandemics and is believed to be the oldest person in Pakistan to get vaccinated. Israil Ahmed Menai, a resident of Karachi, urged people to take necessary precautions against COVID-19 and get themselves inoculated to prevent the spread of the disease, saying there was no ‘rational’ reason to mistrust vaccines.

“Such pandemics come and go,” Menai said in an interview at his residence in Karachi, adding that for every ailment there is a cure which is administered by health experts.

100-year-old Israil Ahmed Menai, who receiving his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine two weeks ago in Karachi, Pakistan. (AN Photo)

Born in Rampur in present-day India on September 30, 1920, Menai celebrated his 100th birthday last year. His grandfather was the famous 19th century Urdu poet, Ameer Menai.

When the coronavirus pandemic struck last year, it was not the first time Menai’s life has been threatened by an infectious disease. Menai said his experience of the two pandemics was different for many reasons, but one commonality was the will of people to live and use all available resources to protect themselves.

“My first experience with a pandemic was in 1936 when a plague started spreading,” he recalled. “Since there were limited communications means and news did not travel as fast as it does now, it looked like a local phenomenon. The world has now transformed into a global village.”

Source: Arab News PK