Pakistan’s most famous Chai wala, now owns his tea cafe in Islamabad

Arshad Khan, the famous Chai wala of Pakistan, has now opened a modern style tea cafe in Islamabad. Khan became an overnight celebrity after a picture of him went viral on social media back in 2016. The 17-year-old worked as a tea seller at his local Itwar Bazaar (Sunday market) in Islamabad. However, an aspiring photographer’s picture of Arshad made him an internet sensation

.Arshad Khan's viral photo

In an interview with Urdu News, Arshad Khan shared that making and serving chai is a part of his identity which is why he named the cafe Chai Wala. In his cafe, Arshad has used lots of truck artwork along with tables and chairs with a desi touch to them.

Source: Zem TV