Married for 75 years, 90-year-old goes to court over being denied ‘Haq Mehr’

An elderly woman from Peshawar, Saeedah Sultan, has filed an appeal in the Supreme court for her Haq Mehr. Saeedah was married at the age of 15. After 75 years of marriage, she has still not received her Haq Mehr which is a 3-Kanal and 10-marla of land. Saeedah claims the land is on her name and her husband has also passed away.

Saeedah seems fed up with the courts and the failed justice system of Pakistan. The elderly woman told media outside the SC that the case has been pending in various courts since 1970. In 2010, a fake report was submitted to the court regarding the seizure of land.

“Now if, I go back to the Sessions Court, will I get justice at the age of 200? All of us have sisters and daughters considering this do justice to me as well.”

Source: Geo TV