Pakistani Freelancer provides prayer service for Data Darbar Shrine at Fiverr

The Pakistani freelancer now offers spiritual coaching via Fiverr to people around the world. He listed different packages for people who want a Fiverr user to pray for them at the Data Darbar, a largest Sufi shrine in South Asia. Online marketplace Fiverr allows freelancers to connect with customers worldwide. It allows users to post and apply for small, one-time jobs online.

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Unusual services being offered by a freelancer in Lahore have captured the attention of the internet. “I will pray for you in Data Darbar Lahore Pakistan [sic],” the ad stated.

The freelancer offers three different packages to followers of Data Ali Hajveri as well as other Sufi saints of Lahore including Pir Makki, Mian Mir, Madho Lal Hussain, and Shah Jamal Qadri.

Source: Fiverr