Pakistani-American doctor forgives outstanding debt of $650,000 for cancer patients

Dr Omar Atiq, a Pakistani oncologist who lives in the US, has made headlines for wiping away $650,000 in debt for patients at his cancer treatment centre in Arkansas. Dr Atiq told his 200 patients of the news in a Christmas greeting card. The clinic shut down in late February after 29 years of service. The card also announced its closure.

Though most patients at the clinic were covered by insurance, outstanding patient bills at the centre totaled nearly $650,000. The clinic worked with a billing company to cancel the debt.

The Arkansas Cancer Clinic, found by Dr Atiq, provided cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and diagnostics.

Dr Atiq is also a professor at the UAMS College of Medicine and oncologist at the UAMS William P Rockefeller Cancer Institute.

In 2013, he was named the first non-white president of the Arkansas Medical Society and in 2018 he was named chairperson-elect of the board of governors of the American College of Physicians.

Source: Samaa TV