Pakistan ranks third in government support to small and medium enterprises

The government of Pakistan ranks third in providing support to small and medium enterprises to mitigate the impact of Covid-19. SMEDA, Asian Development Bank Institute, and Asian Productivity Organisation conducted a survey online on “Impact of Covid-19 on SMEs” that found the majority of SMEs in Pakistan was experiencing cash flow (82%), followed by raw material (65%) shortage.

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In contrast, 11.44% of SMEs expect sales revenue to increase compared to 2020. However, 12.29% of respondent enterprises predict a flat sales revenue. 236 SMEs from Pakistan participated in an online survey that started in December 2020 and lasted until February 2021. Moreover, the ADBI and APO also conducted surveys in other countries of the region, such as Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Source: The Express Tribune