Pakistan closes borders to Britain over fears of infectious new coronavirus strain

Pakistan has decided to close its borders to Britain, joining several other countries, over fears of a highly infectious new coronavirus strain. A meeting of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) placed a temporary restriction on inbound travellers from the UK (direct or indirect) to Pakistan that will come into effect on the midnight of December 22 (i.e. 00:00 hours Dec 23) and last until the midnight of Dec 29.

The restriction will apply to all persons who start their travel from the UK and are in or have been in the UK over the past 10 days.

Transit passengers who do not leave the airside in the UK from destinations other than the UK will be allowed entry into Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistani passport holders who have travelled to the UK on visitor/temporary visas will be allowed to return to the country with the following arrangements:

1) A negative PCR test, conducted within 72 hours prior to flight, will be required

2) PCR test on arrival in Pakistan under arrangement with the Directorate of Central Health Establishment or regional health staff. Passengers will be required to stay in the airport or in a government facility until the PCR test is taken

3) Mandatory enforced home quarantine for seven days

4) Trace and test will be applied to all passengers who have arrived from the UK over the past seven days as well as passengers arriving on Dec 21 and Dec 22

The NCOC also decided to make the ‘Pass Track’ app mandatory for all travellers arriving in Pakistan with effect from midnight Dec 22. Passengers without the app will need to fill out the web form of the Pass Track app.

Source: Dawn