NFT’s first viral meme ‘Friendship ended with Mudasir’ auctions for $53,000

‘Friendship ended with Mudasir’, NFT’s first viral meme was sold by Alter, a Lahore and London-based startup, on Sunday for 20 Ether or $53,171. Alter’s Co-founder Zain Naqvi said, “This is a life-changing moment for all the creators.” It was posted by Muhammad Asif Ali Rana from Gujranwala. The crossed images of Mudasir posted on the bottom of the original post received 10,000 shares.

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Additionally, the meme went viral on the internet back in 2015. Muhammad Asif and Mudassir, hailing from Gujranwala created a simple meme that is very well received across the world. The minimum bid price was 1 Ethereum token and it sold for 20 Ether.

Source: Samaa Tv