Most Pakistanis unaware of Minar-e-Pakistan’s secret symbolic architecture

Minar-e-Pakistan, the famous national landmark built in 1968, had a secret symbolic architecture which most Pakistanis have missed out on. Only recently a Facebook user, Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry revealed the aerial view of the Minar e Pakistan which depicts a genius geometry. The photographer’s eagle-eye view, Minar-e-Pakistan displays a flower nestled on a star embraced by two crescents, one white and one green.

Source: The News

Designed by a Russia Architect Murat Khan, the two crescents and a star had been hidden in plain sight all along. The green and white color in the crescents signifiy the Pakistani flag. Whereas, the crescents represented East and West Pakistan.

Reportedly, Murat Khan wanted to produce a ‘memorial that would symbolize the force which shaped Pakistan’.

Source: ProPakistani