Mohsin Abbas defends abuse allegations by saying wife played ‘woman card’

Mohsin Abbas Haider, accused of domestic abuse by wife Fatima Sohail, rubbished all allegations in a press conference on Sunday. Not only did Mohsin defend the abuse allegations but also claimed his wife has played  ‘woman card’ to malign him. Mohsin said that despite his anger issues in the past, he never assaulted his wife physically in their dwindling marriage.

Mohsin Abbas accused of domestic abuse by wife

The Na Maloom Afraad actor also added that his wife’s allegations are all a part of a conspiracy against him being carried out by his “enemies” in the showbiz industry. He also said that there is no truth in Sohail’s claim about him having an extramarital affair.

Emerging artist Nazish Jahangir also responded to the allegations by Mohsin’s wife involving the two in an alleged affair. In an Instagram post, Jahangir refuted all of Sohail’s claims and stated she had been friends with Mohsin and his wife and does not expect to be dragged into the matter.

Source: Express Tribune