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UN chief urges governments to protect women amid coronavirus lockdown

United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres urged the governments to protect women during the coronavirus lockdown as the threat looms largest in their own homes. He conveyed this in a video message calling violence against women “horrifying” and advised the government to make redress and prevention of domestic violence. Guterres also called for setting up emergency warning systems in pharmacies and groceries for women to seek support without alerting their abusers. 

Court finds Mohsin Abbas Haider guilty of threatening Fatema Sohail

Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, accused of domestic abuse against his wife, was found guilty by a lower court in Lahore of threatening his wife Fatema Sohail. However, the actor was found innocent of breach of trust and demanding money from his wife after a police investigation. The court instructed both defence and prosecution to present their respective final arguments during next hearing.

Mohsin Abbas defends abuse allegations by saying wife played ‘woman card’

Mohsin Abbas Haider, accused of domestic abuse by wife Fatima Suhail, rubbished all allegations in a press conference on Sunday. Not only did Mohsin defend the abuse allegations but also claimed his wife has played  ‘woman card’ to malign him. Mohsin said that despite his anger issues in the past, he never assaulted his wife physically in their dwindling marriage.

Mohsin Abbas accused of domestic abuse by wife

Mohsin Abbas Haider, the Na Maloom Afraad actor was accused of domestic abuse by wife Fatima Sohail in a Facebook post Saturday night. Fatima claimed that Mohsin was cheating on her with a struggling model/actor and has been abusing her during four years of marriage. Fatima posted pictures  from one episode of abuse and has filed a lawsuit against Mohsin.