IoBM students install Sanitary napkins vending machine for women on campus

Institute of Business Management (IoBM), one of the country’s top universities has installed sanitary napkins vending machines to make essential hygiene products available to female staff, professors, and students on campus. From the photos that have appeared on social media, it seems like only one vending machine has been installed in a ladies’ restroom.


The location of the vending machine will soon be disclosed by the university for women through an official email while some have already spotted it in their respective building. The women on campus hope that all restrooms can be acquitted with the sanitary napkins vending machine.

Taha Hissam Mirza, the student who initiated the conversation two years ago says on the university page on Facebook, “Finally after almost 2.5 years of consistent back and forth efforts, I’m proud to announce that the Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine has been installed in IoBM. An initiative I took in Dec 2019, it feels great to see it now fully functional.”

He added, “The good part is, we did it internally. IoBM management gave a chance to a startup (GoVendi) of an alumni, Sahib Dino, along with his co-founder, Zohaib Ahmed. GoVendi is a FemTech startup aiming to improve the accessibility of women’s hygiene products across the globe by providing/installing sanitary napkins vending machines. This is their pilot project, the first one of many more to come hopefully!”