Gilgit-Baltistan women display stellar performance during cricket and football tournaments

The breathtaking Gilgit-Baltistan valley is rapidly becoming a hub for women’s sports talent. Last week, hundreds of girls from Gilgit participated in two sports events, the Gilgit Baltistan Girls Football League and the Gilgit Girls Cricket Tournament. The Gilgit region has produced many talented sportswomen who have brought pride to Pakistan. Gilgiti girls have been inspired to emulate these women’s sporting accomplishments in Pakistan.

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The Inayat Sisters, Sumera, and Karishma, of the Al-Shams Football Club, organized a football competition featuring eight teams. As part of the same initiative, athlete Misbah Hina organized a cricket event in collaboration with Right To Play, Pakistan. More than 150 girls were divided into 10 teams for a grassroots tournament that provided them with the chance to showcase their skills.

Source: Geo News