European group exposes fake news outlets used by Indian network to malign Pakistan

European group, EU DisinfoLab, has exposed over 200 ‘fake’ news outlets managed by an Indian network to influence the European Union and the United Nations with content critical of Pakistan. During the investigation, the DisinfoLab found that the news outlets were managed by Indian stakeholders, with ties to a large network of think tanks, NGOs, and companies from the Srivastava Group.

Source: EU DisinfoLab
Source: EU DisinfoLab

The fake websites copy-pasted anti-Pakistan content from unusual press agencies and amplified material shared by politicians and obscure think tanks that supported Indian geopolitical interests.

They republished anti-Pakistan content on the rest of the Indian network including fake outlets such as EP Today, Times of Geneva, and New Delhi Times. Most websites had Twitter presence as well.

Source: Dawn