Pakistan’s coronavirus positivity rate falls to the lowest level

Pakistan reported a 4.82% coronavirus positivity rate today. It was the lowest positive percentage in 10 weeks after 2,253 new infections were reported within the past 24 hours. The coronavirus positivity rate had averaged 8.5% for the past 30 days. NCOC figures indicate that the country’s caseload has reached 905,852 as of today. So far, about 813,855 people have recovered from the virus in Pakistan, with 62,295 cases active.

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On the contrary, the government of Sindh reports an increase in infections, leading it to impose stringent restrictions. A total of 310,557 Coronavirus patients have been recorded in Sindh, 335,577 in Punjab, 24,638 in Balochistan, 130,187 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 18,852 in Azad Kashmir.

Source: GEO News