Bullied at school for his height, 7ft 6ins tall Pakistani training to become world’s tallest cricketer

Mudassir Gujjar, 21-year-old and 7ft 6ins tall, is training to become the tallest cricketer in the world. Gujjar, who was bullied at school after growing to more than 6ft by the age of ten, hopes to overtake Mohammad Irfan as the tallest bowler to play international cricket. Gujjar has already been picked up by his local cricket team the Lahore Qalandars .

The youngest of four siblings – three brothers and one sister – Mudassir was born to average height parents, father Hashim Mohammad and mother Parveen.

Mudassir cannot wear clothes off-the-shelf and has to have buy specially customised shoes. His shoe size is 23.5 in the UK and his trouser length is 54 centimetres. His exceptional height also means he cannot drive either, although he manages to ride a motorcycle.

Despite the limitations, Mudassir is delighted as his height has already brought him national attention. Mudassir is confident that he can make it to the national team one day as his height enables him to run fast.

Source: DailyMail UK