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Haya Faisal, cab driver from Karachi motivates the country with her resolute courage

Recently, a picture with details of a female cab driver offering pick and drop services in Karachi, took rounds on social media. The courageous woman turns out to be, Haya Faisal, a single mother of four daughters, looking to pave way for the livelihood of her family through her perseverance. She offers the services for women and families of Karachi.

Accessibility to all: Hearing impaired, Nagina Tahir of DeafTawk wants to reduce the communication barrier

Nagina Tahir, brand ambassador of DeafTawk, was born deaf in Rawalpindi, but her inability to hear well did not pose any hurdles to her path towards self-recognition. After receiving her early education from Sir Syed College of special children in Fine Arts, Nagina travelled to the US for Disability Exchange Program where she experienced how accessible life can be for persons with disabilities.

While nation cries for rape victims, Mufti Masood enrages people by endorsing child marriages

 Mufti Tariq Masood has enraged the Pakistani nation with insensitive comments relating to child marriage in a recent video that has gone viral. In the video, Mufti promises to find a young and virgin fourth wife for his followers, if they marry three divorcees or widows. “Mufti Tariq Masood will find you a 16-year-old or two eight-year-olds or four four year-olds”.

Transgender told to leave district after being declared a ‘threat’ to peace in Kohat

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa cabinet has ordered the expulsion of a transgender dancer, Chahat, from district Kohat for being a ‘threat to law and order’. The orders were issued after Chahat was termed responsible for death of five persons during a wedding function. Reportedly, two parties wanted Chahat’s attention, but one of the parties became enraged seeing Chahat spend too much time with the other.

Kashmore Rape: Sindh Govt seeks highest police award for cop who arrested suspect

Sindh government’s spokesperson, Murtaza Wahab has said that provincial government would write to center seeking highest police award for the police official who arrested the alleged rapist. Muhammad Bux and his daughter, aided in arresting the man who allegedly raped a mother and her 4-year-old daughter in Kashmore, Sindh. Wahab also announced that the Sindh government will give the gallantry award to Bux.

SBP bans online payments for electronic media content from India

The State Bank of Pakistan has barred banks from conducting online payments for electronic media content from India with immediate effect. The circular issues explicitly mentions stop payment to Zee5 video-on-demand service in Pakistan. Indian content has already been banned in Pakistan, so the new circular could hit online payments for Direct to Home (DTH) service.

Karachi Circular Railway to restart operations next week after being shut down for two decades

Pakistan Railways announced yesterday that the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) service is set to be resumed on 16 November 2020. The restoration of the service has been underway since 2017 and will end its two-decade-long hiatus since 1999. Eight passenger trains will traverse the 60-kilometer route daily at a maximum fare of Rs. 50. The restoration process of the KCR will be in phases.

Pakistan’s Kung Fu grandmaster from Quetta teaches Hazara children martial arts

Dressed like Bruce Lee, with hair like The Undertaker and Jackie Chan moves, Kung Fu grandmaster Mubarak Ali Shan has an army of children that he trained for years. Mubarak Ali Shan, a 52-year-old martial artist who belongs to Quetta’s Hazara community, introduced Wushu or Chinese martial arts in Pakistan.

With coronavirus cases on rise, NCOC recommends closing down cinemas, shrines

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has recommended closing down cinemas, theaters and shrines across the country as coronavirus cases continue to rise. The NCOC also suggested early and extended winter vacations in schools and colleges to reduce the disease spread and ensure the safety of students. For restaurants, only take-away and outdoor dining to be allowed till 10 pm.

US embassy apologises for endorsing PML-N leader’s tweet against PM Imran

The United States embassy in Islamabad apologised today for retweeting an “unauthorised” post about PM Imran Khan by PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal. The tweet, which compared to Imran Khan with Trump as a dictator sparked outrage on social media, as government officials, including a federal minister and the Sindh governor, called upon the embassy to respect diplomatic norms and issue an apology.