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Cipher issue revived to disqualify me from contesting elections: Imran Khan

Former prime minister Imran Khan sees the resurgence of the cipher controversy as an apparent bid to disqualify him from contesting elections by the ruling parties who, according to him, have “shot themselves in the foot”. The PTI chairman, who had promised a ‘proper expose’ on the controversy, spoke for almost half an hour but did not provide any fresh evidence to back oft-repeated allegations. 

Petroleum dealers threaten to close down pumps from 22 July after government failed to honour its commitment 

Petroleum dealers in Pakistan have issued a warning to close down filling stations across the country indefinitely, starting from Saturday morning. The decision comes after the outgoing government failed to honour its commitment of increasing their profit margins, leaving them dissatisfied with the current situation. Minister of State (Petroleum Division) Musadik Malik had reached out to the association’s chairman.

24 Pakistani students from Karachi participate in prestigious Space Camp in Huntsville

With an aim to promote and expand Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in Karachi schools, 24 Pakistani students, both male and female, are currently taking part in the US Space and Rocket Center’s prestigious Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Students from three schools in Karachi made it to the camp with the help of a US government-funded grant.

10 stages of making the Holy Kaaba’s Kiswa before its replacement on 1st Muharram annually

Ahead of the Islamic new year, The King Abdulaziz Complex for Holy Kaaba Kiswa at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque weaves the Kaaba cloth (kiswa) annually, ensuring it is of the highest quality. The process which takes place prior to early Muharram, consists of 10 phases. 

Pakistan surpasses India and others in nuclear security ranking: nuclear watchdog

Gaining three more points since the last assessment, Pakistan ranked above India, Iran, and North Korea in terms of its handling of hazardous material, reported an international organisation evaluating the status of global nuclear security. According to The Nuclear Security Index (NSI), the country now ranks 19 on the list of 22 states.

‘Imran Khan built a false narrative on cipher’, former Principal Secretary Azam Khan says cipher was used for ‘political gains

Azam Khan, ex-principal secretary to the PTI chairman and former prime minister, who had been ‘missing’ for a month, claimed that the former PM used US cipher for his ‘political gains’ and to avert a no-confidence motion against him. Khan made startling revelations about US cipher, while recording his statement under the CrPC 164 before a magistrate. READ ALSO: PM

Government to burden power consumers with Rs. 15 license fee to steer Radio Pakistan out of crisis

The federal government has decided to overburden power consumers with additional charges to steer Radio Pakistan out of crisis. Finance ministry officials said the state TV fees will be increased from Rs35 to Rs50 on electricity bills and Rs15 would be given to Pakistan’s national broadcaster from it. The decision to charge Rs15 from consumers on their electricity bills was taken on recommendations of senate standing committee.

Kuwait to print 100,000 copies of the Holy Quran in Swedish to distribute them across libraries and schools

Kuwait has decided to print 100,000 copies of the Holy Quran translated into Swedish, a project to emphasise Islamic principles and values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among all human beings, the state news agency Kuna reported. The Kuwaiti government made the announcement following a directive by Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf al Ahmad al Sabah.

Babar Azam’s rise to the top continues: Pakistan’s top batsman becomes only batter in the world to be ranked among top 3 in all cricket formats

Pakistan’s all-format captain Babar Azam jumped three spots to claim the number three spot in the ICC Men’s Test Batting Rankings on Wednesday, become the only batter in the world to rank in all three formats— Test, ODIs and T20, to rank among the top three batters in the world.  Azam is recognized as one of the world’s best batters in modern-day cricket. He currently occupies the number one spot in the ODI batter’s ranking and the number three spot in the T20 batter’s ranking. 

Father-of-two under a debt trap commits suicide after being blackmailed by digital loan company

A father-of-two Muhammad Masood in Rawalpindi committed suicide after being blackmailed by an online loan company. A 42-year-old man namely Muhammad Masood had acquired Rs22,000 – a resident of Rawalpindi’s Chakra area – from an online loan company. The people running the online loan company started blackmailing Masood. After being fed up, Muhammad Masood committed suicide and recorded an audio clip before claiming his own life.