9 areas in Islamabad sealed after infection rates mount in the federal capital

As numbers of infection mounts considerably in the Islamabad Capital Territory, the administration has decided to seal nine areas to check the spread of Coronavirus. Tally reached 3188 on Wednesday in Islamabad, according to the National Command and Control Centre. The administration also requested law-enforcers to cordon off the affected areas to ensure public safety, according to the notification.


The nines areas include Huawei Tech., Saudi Pak Tower, Blue Area, Islamabad; Pakistan Sports Board; Gulrajgan, Chattha Bakhtawar; street No. 13-C, National Police Foundation, E-11/4, Islamabad; main street No. 26, sub-street 110, sector I-10/4; street No. 111, sector G-9/4; street No. 54, sector G-7/2; Block No. 6, PWD Colony; and street No. 62, sector G-6/4, Islamabad.

Source: The News