‘Will never speak against Pakistan,’ says Aasia Bibi while disowning French author’s book on her

Aasia Bibi,  the Christian woman who was spent eight years on death row for blasphemy, said she would never speak against Pakistan or its laws, as she disowned a book written by a French journalist on her life. In an interview with Voice of America, Aasia said she had nothing to do with the book that was being published as her ‘autobiography’. 

“I don’t know who provided her information about me because I have nothing to do with it,” said Aasia Bibi.

According to Aasia, the blasphemy laws in Pakistan were not an issue in themselves, but the people who misuse them are to be blamed. She also questioned the investigation methods that usually lead to wrongful convictions.

Aasia, however, said she forgives the people who falsely accused her of blasphemy in the name of humanity. 

Aasia, who lives in Canada, said she was happy to be free, but her freedom was not complete as she still received death threats.

Source: Naya Daur