Tag: Women empowerment

Haya Faisal, cab driver from Karachi motivates the country with her resolute courage

Recently, a picture with details of a female cab driver offering pick and drop services in Karachi, took rounds on social media. The courageous woman turns out to be, Haya Faisal, a single mother of four daughters, looking to pave way for the livelihood of her family through her perseverance. She offers the services for women and families of Karachi.

Pakistani electrician has empowered six daughters by training them in repairs

A Pakistani electrician, Naseeb Jamal, is defying odds by teaching six out of his eight daughters his craft to help them become self-reliant in the future. Jamal, an electrician for 20 years,  runs a dingy repair shop for electronic appliances in Qasba Colony, Karachi. While two of Jamal’s younger daughters are still learning, four are already adept electricians and their father’s pride.