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Utility stores officers caught selling relief ration bags

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has filed an FIR against Utility Stores Corporation employees in Sukkur for selling ration bags reserved for flood-affected people in the open market. Note here that the Utility Stores are government operated and run by government employees which has raised eyebrows on the transparency of flood relief operations carried out in parts of Pakistan, especially Sindh. 

US donates 100 ventilators to Pakistan

The United States (US) has donated 100 ventilators in order to facilitate Pakistan to support its fight against Covid-19. The ventilators arrived in Karachi on July 2 and will be distributed in hospitals across the country. Made in America, the ventilators are valued at at least $3 million and reflect the latest in cutting-edge medical design and technology.

US cuts Pakistan’s aid by $440 million bringing it to $4.1 billion

The United States has further cut Pakistan’s aid by $440 million, bringing down its commitments under Kerry Lugar Berman Act to just $4.1 billion, which is slightly over half of the total amount that Washington had promised to give nine years ago. The decision to cut Pakistan’s economic assistance, was revealed about three weeks before visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to US.