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US embassy apologises for endorsing PML-N leader’s tweet against PM Imran

The United States embassy in Islamabad apologised today for retweeting an “unauthorised” post about PM Imran Khan by PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal. The tweet, which compared to Imran Khan with Trump as a dictator sparked outrage on social media, as government officials, including a federal minister and the Sindh governor, called upon the embassy to respect diplomatic norms and issue an apology.

US Embassy introduces visa home delivery service for Pakistanis

The United States Embassy in Islamabad has introduced home delivery  facility for Pakistani visa applicants. According to the tweet by the embassy, intending applicants can avail this facility by selecting the ‘premium delivery’ service option while submitting an online application and receive their passport and visa at home. The charges for this service will be Rs. 700. In recent months, the ties between Pakistan and the US have significantly improved, which is now reflecting in other fields as well.