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Turkish dramas could destroy the local industry, says Yasir Hussain

Ever since PTV started airing Dirilis Ertugrul, it has been the subject of many debates and it could destroy the local industry, according to Yasir Hussain. Hussain also shared something, and from the looks of it, he is not happy. Taking to Instagram, he shared,” PTV should make decent dramas and use our own actors and technicians. Those actors which are capable and pay their taxes. Both [Imported] clothes and Turkish dramas can destroy the local industry.”

PTV to air series on Ertugrul Gazi on PM’s request

Turkish drama series Ertugrul Gazi chronicling the life of the Muslim warrior will be aired in Pakistan on PTV from the start of Ramazan. The 179-episode drama series—whose original title is Dirilis: Ertugrul—has been dubbed into Urdu and will be aired on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The episodes will be aired daily at 9:10pm, with repeat runs during the day.