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World’s largest and fastest speedboat comes to promote adventure tourism in Pakistan

An overseas Pakistanis investment group has developed the world’s largest and fastest speedboat to promote adventure tourism in Pakistan. The world’s fastest boat arrived in the country last week as increased tourism opportunities within the country have piqued the interest of investors. The speedboat is light-weighted but strong with the ability to move fast in shallow waters of lakes and rivers.

Saudi Arabia allows foreign couples to share hotel rooms

Saudi Arabia is allowing foreign men and women to rent hotel rooms together without even proving they are related, after the conservative Muslim kingdom launched a new tourist visa regime to entice tourists. Similarly, women including nationals are also permitted to rent hotel rooms by themselves which was against the law previously. These regulations would attract tourism and allow the Saudi government to diversify its economy. 

Hefty sum of Rs. 5 billion allocated by KP government for tourism

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), in its financial bill 2019-20, has apportioned a considerable sum for promotion of tourism in the province. Out of Rs. 5 billion, Rs. 3.5 billion will be spent on developing tourists’ resorts across the province. Whereas, another Rs. 100 million will be used to establish tourism police in collaboration with government of Thailand.

UN restores Pakistan’s status as family station

The International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) of United Nations has announced that it will be restoring Islamabad’s status as a family station for international staff, effectively allowing UN personnel to travel with their families to Pakistan. The decision is based on recommendation by Under-Secretary-General of UN Department of Safety and Security who evaluated security situation in Islamabad.

Tourist can now ‘marry’ a local for a day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam tourists can soon marry a local for a day, go on a date while weeding or pluck and explore the city in a new initiative called Untourist Amsterdam designed to combat the negative effects of over-tourism. The symbolic 35 minutes marriage is a chance for a visitor to have a meaningful encounter with a local.