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Sindh to pay daily wage labourers through mobile wallet app

The Sindh government is going to be paying daily wage labourers who are out of work due to the coronavirus lockdown through a mobile wallet application. The money will be given against their CNIC number and people will be able to get their money by showing their ID card and phone at mobile shops. Requests for registration are being submitted and the government has asked NADRA, the FIA, FBR and State Bank for help verifying them.

Sindh announces a partial lockdown to contain coronavirus spread

The Sindh government has announced a partial lockdown across the province to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Shopping malls, restaurants, beaches and parks will remain closed for a period of 15 days from Wednesday. Intercity bus services will be suspended and government offices will be closed from Thursday. However, vegetable and grocery stores will remain open, according to the spokesperson. People will be able to order food from restaurants and eateries.

Swvl to collaborate with Sindh government

Dubai based ride hailing service Swvl recently announced its plans to collaborate with the Sindh government to set up mass transit systems within the province, starting with Karachi, the company said in a statement. The company said Swvl and Sindh government have explored multiple avenues to improve the transportation landscape of Sindh, and will be entering into a public-private partnership to provide high quality, cutting-edge mass transit solutions.

Aman ambulance service suspended

Aman ambulance service has temporarily discontinued its operations due to lack of funds from the Sindh government. According to an ambulance service official  due to unavailability of funds since the last few months they had to cut fleet and services before suspending the services which also lead to delay in payment of staff salaries for over four months.