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Pakistan Peoples Party issues show-cause notice to Nabeel Gabol for making insensitive comment about rape

Pakistan Peoples Party on Tuesday issued a show-cause notice to its leader Nabeel Gabol for making an insensitive comment about rape in a podcast. In the video of the podcast, which went viral on social media, Mr Gabol used the example of rape to talk about being overpowered by the opposition and said some seriously disturbing things like “when rape is imminent, just enjoy it”.

Virginity test of sexual assault survivors’ to be abolished

The provincial health authorities have told the Lahore High Court that the two-finger test (TFT), an old practice of examining sexual assault survivors, has limited evidentiary value and will be abolished from the protocol of medico-legal certificate (MLC) unless necessitated. The test is usually used in Pakistan despite calls for its revocation by healthcare professionals and human rights organisations world over.

Madrassa student arrested for raping seven-year-old in Gujranwala

An 18-year-old man was arrested in Gujranwala on Saturday for the rape of a seven-year-old boy at a madrassa in Majeed Colony. A case was registered against him at the Satellite Town police station. The child was found at the madrassa but the suspect initially managed to escape. He was found by the police later as the  CCTV cameras in the madrassa recorded the rape.

Indian leader from ruling BJP encourages rape of Muslim women

A leader of Bharatiya Janata Party’s women wing, Sunita Singh Gaur, was removed from her position after she instigated her “Hindu brothers” to gang rape Muslim women openly in the streets. In a Facebook post, Gaur said: “Muslim mothers and sisters should have their honour looted as there is no other way to protect India”. The post has been deleted.