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Punjab govt starts closing down major quarantine centers

The government of Punjab has started closing quarantine centers across the province, including six in Lahore, following a change in the policy under which the suspected Covid-19 patients were earlier required to quarantine at these centres. Under the new policy, those arriving at Lahore and other airports from abroad are just being screened through thermal scanners rather than tested on the spot.

Danyal Zafar comes up with a new track in quarantine

Danyal Zafar released a new track after asking his fans for help on the7th day in quarantine and within 24-hours they came up with Udh Chaliye. Zafar shared the final cut on Twitter and said that the full video was out on YouTube. He also thanked his fans for sending in their videos. 

South African cricket team goes into self-isolation

South African cricket team has been told to undergo a 14-day period of self-isolation in order to prevent the spread of of coronavirus following their return from an aborted tour of India. The players arrived back to their country on Wednesday, ten days after departing on a tour during which they played no cricket.