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“It’s a win win trade”: Faisal Javed defends foreign content

Senior PTI leader Faisal Javed Khan has also become part of the Ertugrul debate and defended the airing of foreign content after criticism from Science Minister Fawad Chaudry. In response to Fawad’s tweet, Faisal said that Ertugrul will help our industry and will also give us chance to export our content abroad. He added that we also need to improve our content.

Foreign dramas will have a ‘devastating’ effect on Pakistani productions: Fawad Chaudhry

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has stated that foreign dramas will have a ‘devastating’ long-run effect on Pakistani productions. The show that was allowed to be broadcast on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan, gained massive popularity in the country. The federal minister used a Tweet to exclaim his ‘surprise’ at the PTV for “taking pride on other countries productions”. 

Turkey’s Ertugrul is helping PTV break a YouTube world record

The Turkish television series Ertugrul has become a super-hit across Asia as Pakistan television channel PTV is trying to make the most out of this. It is mobilising fans and viewers to break a YouTube world record. The show gained a strong fan base in the country after Prime Minister Imran Khan had urged people to watch it.

PTV to air series on Ertugrul Gazi on PM’s request

Turkish drama series Ertugrul Gazi chronicling the life of the Muslim warrior will be aired in Pakistan on PTV from the start of Ramazan. The 179-episode drama series—whose original title is Dirilis: Ertugrul—has been dubbed into Urdu and will be aired on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The episodes will be aired daily at 9:10pm, with repeat runs during the day. 

PTV will now add Rs. 100 to electricity bills of the consumers

Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) has decided to increase the license fee from Rs 35 to Rs 100 and add to the electricity bills of the consumers. This will be done in order to overcome its annual financial losses of Rs 17 billion. The board of directors has approved a financial plan finalizing the increase in the license fee. The proposal now awaits Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approval.

Turkish historical series to be aired on PTV in Urdu on PM’s orders

Turkey’s own Game of Thrones, a fiction series called Dirilis: Ertugrul’ will soon be aired on Pakistan’s state television, PTV, in Urdu dubbing. Prime Minister Imran Khan had recommended all Pakistanis to watch the drama serial which is based on history of the Muslim Oghuz Turks. All five seasons of the show will be dubbed and aired next year.