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Pakistan signs multi-million dollar deal to export pine nuts to China

Pakistan is going to start exporting pine nuts to China soon. A Chinese snack company, Bestore, has inked a deal worth 300 million yuan ($42 million) with Pakistani pine nut company Halo foods. According to Yang Yinfen, CEO and president of Bestore, hand peeled pine nuts are one of the most expensive nut products for Bestore now as both demand and output has grown rapidly. 

Sacs of Chilgoza worth over Rs.12 million stolen in Wana

23 sacks of pine nuts, or chilgoza, were stolen from a warehouse in Wana leaving a financial loss of more than 12 million rupees to the owner. As per details, thieves with weapons in their hands entered into the warehouse by jumping its wall at 12am and carried the sacks of chilgoza on double cabin car. They also coerced the watchmen to silent them.