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CCPO Lahore berated by senate panel for blaming victim of motorway gang-rape again

Lahore Capital City Police Officer Umar Sheikh, while speaking to the Senate human rights panel again laid the blame on the Motorway gang-rape victim. During the hearing, the CCPO was berated by the panel for expressing his “presumption” that the incident took place because the victim “was travelling late at night without her husband’s permission”.

Motorway gang rape victim demands PM Imran Khan to hang rapists publicly

A woman who was gang-raped by two robbers on the motorway near Gujjurpura last week has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan that ‘culprits should be publicly hanged’. The mother has appealed to the PM that both the culprits should be “publicly hanged”. The woman said PTI is a party which promised justice, so justice should be given,” said anchorperson Fareeha quoting the survivor.