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Saudi Arabia to reopen over 90,000 mosques after two months

More than 90,000 mosques across Saudi Arabia, except for those in Makkah, will start reopening from May 31 after a two-month closure to curb the COVID-19 spread. According to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, the sanitisation, cleaning and maintenance process of the mosques has been completed. The resumption of services mosques will be carried out in line with the coronavirus mandatory guidelines issued by the ministry.

80% of Punjab mosques found violating accord signed with govt

Over 80% mosques in Punjab and Islamabad have failed to implement government directives and safety guidelines, finds a report. The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan crosses 13,000. The report has been published by the Islamabad-based NGO, Pattan Development Organisation. Team of observers visited 194 mosques of Punjab province, as well as the capital city. Also, they compared the situation with a checklist of 20 rules the ulema had agreed to with the president.