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Pakistan-China mobile phone venture to start exporting soon

A Chinese mobile manufacturing company in partnership with a Pakistani manufacturer plans to produce 49% of mobile phone parts in Pakistan in the next three years. It was announced by the Federal Economic Affairs Minister Hammad Azhar on Wednesday after meeting Transsion Tecno CEO Aamir Allawala on Wednesday. Transsion Tecno is a joint partnership between Transsion Holdings China and Tecno Pack Pakistan.

Mobile phone imports increase by 80% in 7 months

The import of Mobile phones increased by 80 percent during the first seven months of the current financial year (2019-20) as compared to the corresponding period of last year. Pakistan imported mobile phones worth $760.582 million during July-January (2019-20) as compared to $423.818 million during July-January (2018-19), showing a growth of 79.46 percent.  On a month-on-month basis, the import of mobile phones witnessed an increase of 22.73 percent during January 2020, as compared to $117.682 million during December 2019.

Importing mobile phones has just become 86% cheaper

Importing a mobile phone has become 86% cheaper as the FBR slashes import duties for phones that cost $100 or less. The sales tax on importing mobile phones that cost up to $100 has been reduced from Rs1,320 to Rs200 while the withholding tax has been decreased from Rs750 to Rs200.  The overall mobile imports increased by 58% in the Financial year 2019 (July to November 2019). 

Groom in D.G Khan showers mobile phones on his wedding

During a wedding in Dera Ghazi Khan, the brother of the groom showered mobile phones and money on the people at the wedding. As the barat made its way towards the destination, money and phones tricked down from the top of the truck to everyone who was surrounding the vehicle. It was said that the groom’s brother kept on showering money and phones for about half an hour.

Pakistan’s mobile phone imports increased 110% in 2019

According to statistics from the media, Pakistan’s commercial import of mobile phones has increased by 110 percent in one year. In 2018, 9,564,424 mobile phones were imported, whereas, in 2019, the number stands at 19,834,465 mobiles and the reason behind is said to be successful implementation of the new mobile phone registration system by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). 

Punjab govt bans use of mobile phones in educational institutions

The Punjab government has imposed a ban on the use of mobile phones on the premises of public and private educational institutions in the province. The notification issued directed the relevant authorities to enforce the ban to protect the youngsters from drugs. Also in order to prevent the students from using social media inside the premises of educational institutions for kids aged under 16 the competent authority has decided to ban the use of mobile phones.