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Karachi university’s security guard appointed as Lecturer after completing M.Phil

Akhtar Nawaz Khattak, a security guard of Karachi University, has now been appointed as the Lecturer in the same university after he completed his MPhil degree. Nawaz Khattak worked as a guard at night so in the day he could finish his course work. He says that he ignored his family to complete his education, but hopes to makes it up to them.

Karachi University uses Ehsaas Scholarship funds to pay employees

An irregularity has been found in disbursement of funds under Ehsaas Scholarships initiative of the federal government for students in Karachi University. It has emerged that Rs100 million funds were utilized for paying salaries of the employees of the varsity. Each student had to be given Rs40,000 under scholarship, however, KU has not disbursed the amount to students.