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Jennifer Aniston urged by Brad Pitt to sign ‘Friends’ reunion deal?

Jennifer Aniston said yes to the ‘Friends’ reunion special because her former husband Brad Pitt urged her to. Jennifer Aniston and Co. made Friends fanatics all over the world excited after they announced gearing up for a reunion for the show’s 25th anniversary in February. Aniston took advice from Pitt after being reluctant to return alongside her Friends co-stars. 

Jennifer Aniston confirms ‘Friends’ returning to steal your hearts

Jennifer Aniston has confirmed that ‘Friends’ will be making a return as she shared throwback photoshoot of the classic sitcoms’stars on her Instagram. The classic sitcom concluded in 2004 but the fans are still excited about the reunion of the super hit show even after 15 years. Aniston, who played Rachel Green on the television sitcom Friends has shared  a post on social media with a clear statement : “It’s happening…”.