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Irrfan Khan was going to star in a film about a pandemic

Late veteran actor Irrfan Khan was scheduled to be in Anand Gandhi’s next film about a pandemic, before his passing away. Titled Emergence, the script was based on women scientists who were fighting a contagion. Anand said that he wish he had created something with Irrfan.  The director also revealed that he had managed to get epidemiologist Larry Brilliant as the executive producer for the film. 

Versatile Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan passes away

Bollywood star, Irrfan Khan took his last breath in Mumbai, India at the age of 54. The actor had spent the last two years fighting a battle against cancer. In 2018, the actor posted on Twitter to say that he was diagnosed with an endocrine tumour, a rare illness affecting cells that release hormones into the bloodstream.