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India infuriated after Saudi Arabia issues bank note showing Kashmir as separate state

Saudi Arabia’s new banknote to mark the upcoming G20 summit has sparked an outage in India as it shows Kashmir with new borders as a separate state. The currency note in question was issued on October 24 by Saudi Arabia to celebrate the kingdom’s leadership of the Group of Twenty (G20) and the back side of the note is a world map.

Good times ahead, PM Imran assures Kashmiris

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday reassured the Kashmiris that good times were ahead that will lead to their ultimate freedom from Indian occupation, while addressing a Kashmir Solidarity rally in Mirpur. He reiterated support for the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mistake of annexing Kashmir will become the reason for the region’s independence.

Indian soldier ‘slips’ on snow and lands in Pakistan: reports

A junior officer of the Indian army posted in occupied Kashmir  accidentally ‘slipped’ in heavy snow and landed across the border into Pakistan last week, Khaleej Times has reported. The officer, identified as Havildar Rajendra Singh Negi, was on patrol duty in the Gulmarg area of Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) when the ‘accident’ occurred and Negi went missing.

US expresses concern over internet ban, illegal detentions, in IOK

Senior US diplomat Alice Wells has expressed concerns over the continued detentions and internet shutdown in India Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Wells, the top US diplomat for South Asia, is due to undertake a visit to New Delhi for bilateral talks. “We look forward to a return to normalcy,” said the diplomat in a tweet.

Pakistani govt and Twitter reach new ‘verbal agreement’

A ‘verbal agreement’ reached between authorities from Twitter and Pakistani government has confirmed that verified accounts of Pakistani users will not be unilaterally suspended or terminated. After New Delhi stripped Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) of its semi-autonomous status, over 300 handles were suspended for tweeting in support of Kashmiris. Accounts of journalists and news channels highlighting rights violations in IOK also received warnings.

Restaurant in India mocks Kashmiris with ‘Article 370 platter’

A restaurant in India is offering a discount on a platter if the customer is from the disputed valley. The New Delhi restaurant is offering INR 370 discount on ‘Article 370 platter’ if a customer has a government ID from Jammu and Kashmir. The restaurant also claims to have veg and non-veg food options in the platter from the Himalayan region.

Posters of DG ISPR appearing in IOK shock Indian authorities

Director General ISPR, Asif Ghafoor’s posters have surfaced in the streets and roads of Indian Occupied Kashmir, leaving Indian authorities in a state of severe shock. Ghafoor’s statement “We will fight for Kashmir till our last soldier and last bullet” is printed on the banners, which have appeared in IOK overnight. Indian media has reported the incident alarmingly.

Pakistan will not be the first one to use nuclear arms: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan would not use nuclear weapons first against India. At the first International Sikh convention, PM Imran projected himself as leader of a responsible nuclear state, whereas Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has hinted at changing his country ‘no-first use’ nuclear policy. PM Khan reiterated that he would continue to raise his voice for people of Indian-Occupied Kashmir.

Twitter sends notice to ARY News for expressing solidarity with people of IOK

Popular micro-blogging site Twitter has sent a notice to ARY News’ official Twitter account over a video highlighting Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and expressing solidarity with its people. ARY’s short video highlighting why Pakistan is condemning the Indian move in Kashmir was reported from Law enforcement of India. “The following content violates the law(s) of India,” reads notice sent by Twitter.

UNSC expected to hold session on Kashmir dispute on August 16

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will hold a session in New York on August 16 to deliberate over the prevailing situation in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) days after India scrapped Article 370, Radio Pakistan reported. The request to convene the meeting was made by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. China also backed Pakistan’s request, asking for the UNSC to meet behind closed doors.