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7-year-old Pakistani girl wins gold medal in International Jiu-Jitsu Competition

A seven-year-old Pakistani girl has won a gold medal at the International Jiu-Jitsu Competition 2022. Anayah Naveed Dar represented Pakistan in the under 28 weight category and defeated Russian player Latifa in the first match. Later, she defeated Shamsa of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Apart from being a gold medalist in Jiu-Jitsu, Anayah is also the youngest MMA fighter and Horse Show Jumper.

A street fruit vendor’s daughter won a gold medal

A  fruit vendor’s daughter, Noor ul Sabah hailing from Faislabad has won a gold medal for her excellent academic performance. Noor’s father Abdul Ghafoor is a fruit vendor and said that his daughter is a bright student and he helped her as much as he could. Noor added that her parents have faced a lot of hardships yet still they helped her in completing her education. 

Swimmer Kiran Khan secures 10 gold medals for Pakistan Army

Olympian swimmer Kiran Khan from Lahore has taken the ongoing National Games in Peshawar by storm by winning 10 gold medals for her team Army. She previously achieved a similar feat in the National Games of 2001 where she won 13 medals in total, which included 7 gold, 3 silver, and 3 bronze medals and now has a total of 47 international medals and 337 national gold medals to her name now.

Pakistan’s Rabia Shahzad wins gold medal in England

Pakistan’s Rabia Shahzad  won a gold medal for the country in the Hampshire Weightlifting Championship. Rabia Shahzad, aged 21, IBA student and younger sister of the badminton sensation Mahnoor Shahzad emerged undefeated with 144.9 Sinclair points in her category.  Earlier, she claimed the silver medal in the 49-kilogram female category in the Welsh Open Weightlifting Championships. Rabia beat eight other weightlifters in the competition.