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Europe looks to reopen as football resumes in Germany

Football in Germany kicked off again, becoming the first major sports league in the world to resume play, as parts of Europe took more tentative steps towards normality after the devastation unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy, however, said Saturday he needed more guarantees before the government can give the green light for the resumption of its top football league. 

German football resumes under tight monitoring

German football resumes as the Bundesliga becomes the first of Europe’s top leagues to swing back into action since the coronavirus lockdown. The German Football League (DFL) convinced Chancellor Angela Merkel and the country’s regional leaders to allow play to resume by agreeing to submit to an extraordinary set of guidelines to prevent infection.

German cafe using pool noodles to ensure social distancing

A cafe in Germany’s Berlin is using pool noodles to ensure social distancing, while mostly public places use floor marks. Every customer that arrives at Café Rothe is given a hat to wear that consists of colourful pool noodles that stop people from closing in on each other. Cafe Rothe’s motto is: “Keep the social distance.”

Germany’s sport minister backs resumption of football this month

Germany’s minister for the interior and sport said that he supports the resumption of the country’s football season this month despite the pandemic. The German Football League (DFL) backs a resumption of matches without spectators around mid-May. This would make it the first major European championship to make such a move.

Germany says coronavirus vaccine research not for sale

Foreign minister of Germany, Heiko Maas said Monday the rights to coronavirus vaccine research were not for sale. Followed by reports, Donald Trump wanted the US to buy exclusive access to a potential vaccine developed by a German biotech firm. According to Maas, researchers play a leading role in drug and vaccine development and they cannot allow others to seek exclusive results. 

Germany arrests businessman for alleged military exports to Russia

Prosecutors in Germany arrested a businessman on suspicion of exporting millions of euros in machinery to Russia that could be used for military purposes, in violation of EU sanctions. Customs police detained the suspect, German national Alexander S, in the Bavarian city of Augsburg. He allegedly bypassed checks by listing bogus recipients for his goods and fraudulently obtained the necessary export permits by giving “incorrect information” about how the goods would be used. 

Germany to provide Rs. 2.15 Billion for hydro power project in Gilgit-Baltistan

Pakistan and Germany have signed a financing agreement for Hydro power and Renewable Energy Phase-II worth Rs. 2,145.29 million. Under the agreement, German Development Bank will provide grant assistance worth 12.5 million Euros to the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan and Agha Khan Rural Support programme. The project has two components i.e the hydro power component and, the biodiversity component.

Indian couple goes on trial for spying on Kashmiris, Sikhs

An Indian couple accused of spying on Sikh and Kashmiri communities in Germany went on trial on charges that carry a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. The suspects agreed to provide information about Germany’s Sikh community and Kashmir movement and their relatives to an employee of Indian foreign intelligence service Research & Analysis Wing and were paid 7,200 euros ($8,100) in return.