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Fact Check: Grave with padlock turns out to be from India, Indian propaganda to malign Pakistan exposed

A shocking story run by major Indian media outlets to malign Pakistan has in fact turned out to be from India itself. Few days ago, Indian media outlets ran an unverified image of a padlocked grave stating that the practice was common in Pakistan for parents to protect the deceased bodies of their ‘daughters’ from being raped.

Health Ministry calls death of people after 2 years of COVID19 vaccination, a fake report

There is a rash of misleading claims on social media about vaccinations against Covid-19. In a statement attributed to a Nobel Prize winner, it is said that people who get vaccinated against the deadly virus might die within two years of doing so. On different social media platforms, the claim has been widely shared.

Govt to release an E-letter to counter fake news

The government has decided to counter the spread of misinformation or fake news on mainstream and social media through an e-letter according to special assistant to Prime Minister Firdous Aashiq Awan. Strict actions would be taken along with issuance of an e-letter in order to control the spread of misinformation in the country. Creation of WhatsApp-like end-to-end encrypted application for secure intercommunication between government departments was also suggested.